Aug 14, 2017: Using the latest energy data from our knowledge partners, SEforALL has launched newly updated ‘heat maps’ on its web site that help identify countries and regions around the world making the most progress – and facing the biggest challenges – on key sustainable energy issues.
Aug 03, 2017: By Rachel Kyte CEO and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)
Jul 25, 2017: Fifteen West African countries are moving forward to give women a stronger voice in energy access and energy sector decision-making. The logic and impetus for this promising effort, backed by SEforALL, is explored in a column by SEforALL’s lead writer Peyton Fleming.
Jul 19, 2017: Sustainable Energy for All reveals new initiative to spur action and political leadership in increasing access to integrated cooling solutions Announcement follows record-breaking temperatures recorded last month in Iran of 129 degrees
Jul 17, 2017: By Camilo Tellez, Head of Research and Innovation at the Better Than Cash Alliance and Daniel Waldron, Knowledge and Research Consultant at the Better Than Cash Alliance  
Jul 11, 2017: The Sustainable Development Agenda and the accompanying 17 Goals (SDGs) would represent the greatest increase in human welfare in history.
Jul 10, 2017: CEO and Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Sustainable Energy for All, Rachel Kyte, blogs on our new People-Centered Accelerator and leaving no one behind in the energy transition.
Jun 29, 2017: Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) held its first design meeting for the People-Centered Accelerator in Krafla, Iceland, this week.
Jun 20, 2017: All eyes turned to China last week, as energy ministers from 24 countries convened in Beijing for the 8th Clean Energy Ministerial, with the primary goal of launching a new era of ‘shared global leadership’ for the CEM.
Jun 20, 2017: In all corners of the world, renewable energy is gaining traction and at lower costs. REN21’s latest renewable global status report shows a nine percent uptick in renewable energy installations in 2016, to 161 gigawatts, compared to 2015.