Aug 28, 2017: New guest blog from Daniel Schroth, SEforALL Africa Hub Coordinator, African Development Bank Group, looks at how high-impact countries across Africa can have a huge impact on the overall target of universal energy access.
Aug 21, 2017: SEforALL Policy Director, Jane Olga Ebinger, blogs on the latest SEforALL ‘heat maps’ data that highlights urban-rural divide in 20 African and Asian countries with biggest electrification gaps, and how they can do better.
Aug 14, 2017: Using the latest energy data from our knowledge partners, SEforALL has launched newly updated ‘heat maps’ that help identify countries and regions around the world making the most progress – and facing the biggest challenges – on key sustainable energy issues.
Aug 03, 2017: Rachel Kyte, CEO and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), writes in TIME Magazine about the challenges and opportunities of providing cooling solutions for all.
Jul 25, 2017: Fifteen West African countries are moving forward to give women a stronger voice in energy access and energy sector decision-making. The logic and impetus for this promising effort, backed by SEforALL, is explored in a column by SEforALL’s lead writer Peyton Fleming.
Jul 19, 2017: Sustainable Energy for All reveals new initiative to spur action and political leadership in increasing access to integrated cooling solutions Announcement follows record-breaking temperatures recorded last month in Iran of 129 degrees
Jul 17, 2017: By Camilo Tellez, Head of Research and Innovation at the Better Than Cash Alliance and Daniel Waldron, Knowledge and Research Consultant at the Better Than Cash Alliance
Jul 11, 2017: The Sustainable Development Agenda and the accompanying 17 Goals (SDGs) would represent the greatest increase in human welfare in history.
Jul 10, 2017: CEO and Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Sustainable Energy for All, Rachel Kyte, blogs on our new People-Centered Accelerator and leaving no one behind in the energy transition.
Jun 29, 2017: Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) held its first design meeting for the People-Centered Accelerator in Krafla, Iceland, this week.