Nov 22, 2016: Decentralised options for rural electrification are overwhelmingly superior to the grid in terms of economics and speed, Practical Action says in its Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2016. Take a look at how mini-grids and stand-alone systems can change people’s lives for the better.
Nov 18, 2016: The International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2016 (WEO-2016) maps out scenarios for the global energy system by 2040, but the world needs to go well beyond its current policies and pledges to meet the promises of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Nov 07, 2016: Business and policy leaders came together during the opening week of COP22 in Marrakesh for Energy Day to demonstrate action on global efforts to decarbonize our energy system.
Nov 07, 2016: “It took 21 years for nearly 200 countries to reach an agreement in Paris last year to put the brakes on climate change. Now for the hard part,” writes Sara Stefanini in a POLITICO special report on COP 22.
Nov 04, 2016: The landmark Paris Agreement on climate change enters into force today, 4 November 2016, having crossed by a wide mark the threshold of being ratified by at least 55 countries and by countries representing at least 55% of global emissions.
Nov 02, 2016: The Paris Agreement on climate change enters into force on 4 November, 2016, having crossed the threshold of being ratified by at least 55 countries and covering at least 55% of global emissions. The ratification process is continuing, with 92 countries completing this step as of 1 November.
Oct 27, 2016: A new World Bank study outlines how Sub-Saharan Africa’s struggling power utilities can be financially viable and at the same time make electricity access affordable for the poor.
Oct 24, 2016: Strong leadership and smart policymaking will be necessary for Asia to make the transition to this new world, where lives, livelihoods and businesses are transformed.
Oct 13, 2016: Sustainable Energy for All’s Africa Hub, hosted by the African Development Bank (AfDB),  has launched a Green Mini-Grid Help Desk to support project developers delivering renewable energy to rural areas through decentralised mini-grids.
Oct 13, 2016: Economies have needed less energy to grow in recent years, especially in China and other developing countries, but more vigorous policies are needed to achieve climate targets, a new International Energy Agency (IEA) report says.