Our Partners


Building partnerships

Ensuring everyone has access to sustainable energy by 2030 will require leadership and influential Partners of all kinds — from governments, companies, institutions, financiers, development banks, unions and communities, entrepreneurs and civil society, to name a few.

Partnerships are the essence of SEforALL. A global, multi-stakeholder platform with a strong and structured relationship to the United Nations, SEforALL engages these leaders. Through its partnerships and network, it provides a neutral space for new and sometimes difficult conversations that can foster decisions and actions to move further, faster.

SEforALL’s global, action-oriented platform has significant reach and convening power but firmly depends on its network of Partners to deliver results, and ownership of solutions. SEforALL Partners have many strengths, particularly in building country and sector strategies, supporting innovations, and advancing technologies and business models through its Hubs and Accelerators. The regional and thematic Hubs contribute knowledge and experience on the ground and can provide tailor-made solutions for national and local jurisdictions.

SEforALL’s strategic approach places emphasis on building action-oriented partnerships that move  implementation forward.  We will build on existing partnerships while identifying new Partners who can assist in delivering SEforALL’s goals “further and faster”.  This will entail the development of a broader, more extensive, focused platform that delivers results in access, renewables and energy efficiency. A platform that builds the public understanding and political support for inclusive energy markets with the enabling reforms to support them.  It will also mean developing closer relationships with international organizations and institutional Partners, all of which are building up their energy and sustainable development activities.

This will require a focus on building capacity in governments, organizations and private sector actors, and bringing the right actors together to enable coalitions and partnerships that are impactful.  Enabling more private-sector engagement across SEforALL’s Hubs and Accelerators, as well as through new strategic partnerships at the international and/or national level, will be key for implementation and action. The private sector plays an important role in providing solutions and possibly enhancing capacity through human and financial resources for SEforALL.

There is also a clear role for more engagement and knowledge exchange that is city- or community-based, or anchored in a better understanding of energy poverty, the energy needs of the poorest and the key role of local solutions.  SEforALL will develop links to community partnerships that are delivering results or, with more attention and funding, could deliver greater impact, and explore partnering with city initiatives.

Our Advisory Board of high-level figures from the public and private sectors and civil society, co-chaired by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim, is as unique as it is critical for our success. This high level Advisory Board of Ministers, CEOs and Heads of international organisations will continue to give SEforALL the strategic direction necessary to meet its goals as well as serve as champions for the cause.

SEforALL will leverage its resources for maximum impact by:

  • being selective in the partnerships it invests in and regularly revisiting them to ensure their alignment with its Strategic Framework for Results.
  • mapping key influencers in priority countries and forming coalitions and partnerships to connect leaders with actors that can fast-track progress over 2016-21.
  • mapping key energy leaders, by sector and solution and geographic needs, and investing more resources in jurisdictions where impact can be effected.
  • developing Partner engagement criteria, key performance indicators, and delivery agreements to ensure traceability of results and establish regular channels for coordination with focal points to maintain relationships. 
  • elevating the sustainable energy dialogue to the highest levels of government and engaging economic and financial policy decision-makers to steer investments to targeted sustainable energy projects.
  • operationalizing the information flow between solution Partners, regional and thematic hubs.
  • enhancing the communication of successes and failures to ensure successes are replicated.

Going forward, SEforALL will broker conversations and partnerships that:

  • bring together leaders who may not normally talk to each other and create space for conversations that can lead to agreement on a pathway, and partnerships and actions to deliver the 2030 objectives. 
  • catalyze action on the ground through the Regional and Thematic Hubs; through thought leadership and advice to government leaders and ministries from SEforALL’s Leadership Catalyst; through Accelerators that can support governments to accelerate progress; and through Impact Coalitions to both promote leadership and involve local communities.
  • help move country strategies (including AAs, IPs, INDCs/ NDCs) towards implementation, projects from concepts to investments, and unlock the necessary financing. 

Read more about our Partnership Framework here.